Our Passionate Team

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Maryam Noorhimili

Maryam is the project lead for our Youth Theatre programme and When You See Me. She graduated as a theatre-maker and facilitator from the East 15 Acting School and is passionate in using theatre as a tool to serve various communities. She is also currently working at Discover Children’s Story Centre (Stratford). In her spare time, she explores physical theatre, dance and makes her own music. She is a big advocate for young people and children, and believes we should trust them more!

James Little

I have been a theatre practitioner and commercial actor since 2016. In 2024 I stepped away from hospitality to focus on the creative practices that I have a passion for. I run children’s storytelling events, regularly take part in improvisation sessions and with Unpuzzled have been in the Mitten, Knight at the Museum and facilitate with the drama workshops. I believe in inclusion, immersion and involvement in shows and activities putting the audience in the driving seat, I look forward to the next projects Unpuzzled gets involved in.”

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Annalena Lipinski

Annalena is a German actor, facilitator and theatre-maker based in London. After graduating from BA Acting and Community Theatre at East 15, they have facilitated for Unpuzzled, as well as acted for Phantom Peak (immersive theatre experience). They also run their own theatre company (Moon & Sun Theatre Company), addressing topics of the queer community through movement, poetry and music. Annalena is currently undertaking an MFA degree in Advanced Theatre Practise at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama. They love performing and teaching through clown, with their viola and their juggling balls!

Bella Hinton

Hiya I’m Bella, I’m 20 years old work as an assistant facilitator for Unpuzzled’s Youth Groups. There’s nothing more rewarding than nurturing young creative minds and watching their confidence grow !

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Callum Rhys-Williams

Callum is an actor & creative arts facilitator from South Wales, based in Westcliff-on-Sea. He trained at East 15 Acting School, and since graduating has been working primarily in children’s theatre & participatory arts workshops. Callum’s most recent project was as visiting artist for ‘Mighty Mega’, a weekly workshop for disabled children in Newham, where he spent 12 weeks facilitating sessions involving music, drama & puppetry. Callum has worked with several community arts organisations, including Parrabola, NW Live Arts & Discover Children’s Story Centre.

igniting their passion

Unlock the door to creativity and self-discovery with Unpuzzled Theatre Company's unique Youth Theatre in Schools program. Made possible by the generous support of Community Investment Board, Fowler, Smith, and Jones, this empowering initiative is set to take place at Edwards Hall Primary School, Hamstel Junior School, Eastwood Primary, and Westborough School.

At Unpuzzled Theatre Company, we believe that every child possesses a spark of creativity waiting to ignite. Our Youth Theatre in Schools program aims to cultivate confidence, nurture talents, and encourage collaboration among young individuals, setting them on a path of self-discovery and artistic exploration.


Theatre for all

Thanks to the support of Community Investment Board and the generous contribution of Fowler, Smith, and Jones, Unpuzzled Theatre Company is thrilled to offer this transformative program to students in Edwards Hall Primary School, Eastwood Primary School, Hamstel Junior School, and Westborough School for free. This funding allows us to bring the magic of theatre to young hearts, fostering a love for the arts and building skills that extend beyond the stage.

Unpuzzled Theatre Company is committed to making the arts accessible to all. The Youth Theatre in Schools program embraces students from diverse backgrounds and abilities, fostering an inclusive environment where every child has the opportunity to shine.

Edwards Hall - Mon (3:15-4:15)

Week 1 - 15th April
Week 2 - 22nd April
Week 3 - 29th April
Week 4 - 13th May
Week 5 - 20th May

Eastwood - Tues (3:15-4:15)

Week 1 - 16th April
Week 2 - 23rd April
Week 3 - 30th April
Week 4 - 14th May
Week 5 - 21st May

Westborough - Wed (3:15-4:15)

Week 1 - 17th April
Week 2 - 24th April
Week 3 - 1st May
Week 4 - 15th May
Week 5 - 22nd May

Hamstel - Thurs (3:30-4:30)

Week 1 - 18th April
Week 2 - 25th April
Week 3 - 2nd May
Week 4 - 16th May
Week 5 - 23rd May

theatre fun!

"It has been lovely having Unpuzzled to add to our extra-curricular clubs this year. The children who have signed up come from a range of different backgrounds, many of whom wouldn't have the opportunity to attend theatre club outside of school. The children have been enthusiastic about their sessions and it has developed the confidence of some of the shyest members of the group. 

T. Brooks, Head Teacher,
The Westborough School